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Etosha Lion Project relies on public support to keep our on-the-ground conservation and research programs running. 100% of the funds we raise go towards better equipment and support for park staff and scientists to monitor Etosha's lion population. Check out how you can help below!


Help us get the word out and share our cause. Follow us on Instagram and Twitter. Tell your parents, tell your friends, tell your parent's friends!

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Have time to give instead? We'd love your help!  Contact us if you'd like to to start your own fundraising campaign, help with raising awareness, or are a student interested in our research.

Any size donation can help!
Your contributions can...


Provide batteries for a camera trap for a month of pictures


Provide a field vehicle's fuel, maintenance and repair for one month


Provide a GPS unit to record  fence breaks and lion sightings


Provide a VHF radio telemetry kit to track lion collars


Purchase a camera trap to help monitor lion prides


Provide a lion GPS satellite collar and one year of operating costs 

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